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Custom websites
only come from
custom designs.

Your business wasn't
built from a template.

Your website shouldn't
be either.

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Graphic design
is our way of

Our attention is
focused on the details

So we can help you
look your best.

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web design
is our specialty.

We create websites
that work everywhere.

So your business will
look great to everybody.

Web hosting:
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What is ThirdSide?

ThirdSide is Champaign-Urbana’s premier graphic design, web design, and web development firm. We’re an amazingly talented team. We also happen to be really friendly and easy to get along with.
We create custom, clean, and effective websites and brands for traditional web, mobile web, and print.

Why ThirdSide?

ThirdSide is different because we are focused on you and your long term success. A good looking website or brand image is useless if it doesn’t help your business or organization grow.
So even though we design and build some of the best looking websites and brands around, our creative process ultimately revolves around what’s best for you.

Our Process


We determine your business needs for design, function, and style.


We create the look and develop the foundation that supports your content, appeals to your audience, and produces the best results.


We verify everything produces the desired results to ensure you look great to as many people as possible.


We take your image public and put it to work for you.