Parkland Point Apartments

Parkland Point Apartments in Champaign, Illinois is a well-known destination for community college students. But their branding and website were both in need of some modernization.

For the logo, we took our design cues from online maps and made the familiar teardrop shape an integral part of the design. The new logo emphasizes that the apartments are easy to find, while also reinforcing the idea that Parkland Point Apartments is the chosen destination for a new home for Parkland College students.

We paired the logo concept with the property’s existing color scheme for their website, which was built onto a unique template that was custom-designed for Fairlawn Real Estate, the property’s new management company. The website itself features Buildium integration for resident portal access, as well as providing a professional overview of the property for marketing purposes.

website for Parkland Point Apartments
logo for Parkland Point Apartments
outdoor signage at Parkland Point Apartments
invitation signage at Parkland Point Apartments