Spring Creek Townhomes

Spring Creek Townhomes in Springfield, Illinois is a townhome community that was in need of rebranding and a new website to accompany a site-wide remodeling and management change.

On our first visit to Spring Creek Townhomes, we quickly realized that there was a design aesthetic to the community that had been covered over by the previous management. Taking our cues from the building architecture, we designed a new logo and brand image. The logo itself is meant to evoke a wrought-iron feel that complements the monochromatic color scheme of the property.

We expanded the logo and brand image into the property’s website, which was built onto a unique template that was custom-designed for Fairlawn Real Estate, the property’s new management company. The website itself features Buildium integration for resident portal access, as well as providing a professional overview of the property for marketing purposes.

Spring Creek Townhomes website design
Spring Creek Townhomes logo design
Spring Creek Townhomes business card