Tolono Public Library District

Your local library has more than you might think!

That idea was the message that the Tolono Public Library District wanted to get out, but they knew they needed a clean, modern logo design and website design to match. We were called upon to create both. By studying the architectural details of the building and tying it back to the diverse (and fun) nature of the library, we created a colorful logo and brand image. From there, we developed a custom website design that’s very flexible.

Their website features integrations with their online catalog, allowing users to browse their collection from home. It is also integrated with BookSite, which allows visitors to browse for book and movie suggestions. The homepage of the site highlights events at the library such as early voting, holiday events, and other fun and informative happenings. Their popular event calendar is integrated with their in-house calendar, allowing them to update the site without having to manually code changes.

Tolono Public Library District website
Tolono Public Library District logo