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screenshot of original Urbana Market website

The original website for Urbana’s Market at the Square was just a page or two on the City of Urbana’s website.

Talk about fresh! Today’s spotlight is on a newly-launched website for Urbana’s newly-reopened farmers’ market.

When Urbana’s Market at the Square called us about a new website, we jumped at the chance. At the time, their website was hosted as part of the City of Urbana’s website, so it gave plenty of information people wanted. But it lacked a little pizzazz, a little spirit of fun. In an attempt to blend in with official city business, they weren’t letting people really see their personality.

We took a lot of design cues from the Market’s very active Instagram account, along with our own perceptions as frequent visitors, and put together a look that was professional yet quirky, with lots of room to show off their vendors’ wares. There are also a ton of great recipes on the new website, each of which features at least one ingredient you can buy at the market. Seriously, it might even convert you to vegetarianism!

screenshot of new Urbana Market website

The new website brings a colorful, enticing vibe while providing lots more information that visitors want.

Along with providing a lot more control over content, the new website injects a huge dose of personality. It creates a much more exciting vibe and really encourages residents to come check out what they have to offer. Add in space for special programs like chef demonstrations, Art at the Market, and Read at the Market, and you’ve created a great community-building destination website that mirrors the feel of the weekly market itself. (Side note: if you’ve never been to Urbana’s Market at the Square, their season just started last weekend, and is open every Saturday through November!)

When was the last time you looked at your website? Does it look fresh to you? Is it really showing your customers the true personality of your business or organization?

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