What ‘Mobilegeddon’ Means For You

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Almost two years ago I posted this article about responsive design.

When Jason and I started ThirdSide back in 2011, we were already pretty voracious smartphone users. It was obvious to us that the web was becoming just as much of a mobile platform as a desktop platform. Knowing this, we’ve spent the past four years creating our clients’ sites to be mobile-friendly, making sure that both design and function are just as appealing on mobile devices as on desktops. This week, those clients will see their investment pay off in a big way.

It’s no secret that everybody wants to have their small business site show up at the top of a Google search. While there are many ways to help that process, Google has decided that the first thing they will look at is mobile readiness. On April 21, they’re flipping that switch.

There’s even a new term for it: ‘Mobilegeddon‘. Many businesses and organizations with outdated websites will lose traction in the Google search engine arena due to this new development, while updated websites will reap the benefits of improved search engine results. Which would you rather have?

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