About ThirdSide

ThirdSide is a small, tightly-knit group of professionals. We spend each day working out challenges and trying to make the world a little bit easier for our clients and their customers. Our team has years of experience in marketing, sales, graphic design, environmental design, photography, web development, project management, writing, education, and general all-around creativity.


In the late 1990s, our co-founder, Lisa Cerezo, started designing and building websites as a personal hobby. People started to ask about her skills and she soon found herself building and managing websites for a small handful of non-profit organizations.

In 2010, Lisa’s husband Jason (our other co-founder) was laid off from a stable career and decided to leverage his marketing and design experience to start a marketing firm. While servicing marketing clients, he found that many of them had websites that were less than professional. People started asking for website work and ThirdSide was born! In May of 2011, we began offering professional graphic design and web development services to small- and medium-sized businesses and organizations.

Giving Back

Being part of a community means giving back to a community. Each year, we give to local non-profit organizations through free or reduced-cost services or cash donations. Some of our recent projects have included websites for the Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra, Feeding Our Kids, First Gig Rock & Roll Camp, and Rattle the Stars.

2018 Expansion

In early 2018, an opportunity was presented that allowed ThirdSide to expand to Portland, Oregon. We have established a firm base of clients in the area and expect to become a major player in the region by 2021. In Portland, we continue our mission of serving businesses and organizations who need more customized solutions than can be provided without the need for highly-customized, cost-intensive development.

Lisa Cerezo

Lisa Cerezo
Co-Founder/Lead Web Developer

Lisa is one of the co-founders of ThirdSide. She is also a published author with a passion for the written word. Telling other people’s stories well is her main goal.

Her idea of relaxing is trying to make sense out of the mysteries of The X Files and LOST. Maybe someday.

Jason Cerezo

Jason Cerezo
Co-Founder/Creative Director

Jason is a co-founder of ThirdSide. When he’s not building websites, making graphics, or meeting clients, he’s hanging out with his family doing family things or hanging out with performers doing performer things.

He has a Star Wars obsession that some consider to be…unnatural.

Melinda Wells

Melinda Wells
Director of Operations

Melinda brings several years of experience to ThirdSide to help navigate the challenges of growth.

When not working to keep project tasks flowing, Melinda finds time to nurture her creative side (yes, even project managers have a creative side) by trying out new recipes on her husband and three daughters.

Pat Bright

Pat Bright
Lead Designer

Pat has always been enthusiastic about portraying information visually, and aims to do so in unique and clever ways.

In his free time Pat enjoys playing and listening to music. He loves playing guitar and drums, but still hasn’t mastered playing both at once.