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Expanding Our Web Design Business in Portland

family business in portland

Those of you who are close followers of ours have probably heard us talking about a new office for our business in Portland, Oregon. We officially opened shop out there in January. While it has been rewarding and fun, it has also been challenging. But business growth often is. When we first started ThirdSide in [...]

Client Connections: The Strength of Community

Feeding Our Kids / Champaign Shirts banner

One of the blessings of living and working in Champaign-Urbana is the size of the community. From a business perspective, it makes certainly makes networking easier! But more importantly, it allows us to see a larger part of the picture when it comes to the businesses and organizations we serve. It helps us do more [...]

With the current rate of technology and communication—which continues to increase every day—the world is moving at a much quicker pace. Customers are demanding almost instant results, and their wants and needs change rapidly. Successful companies are those that adapt to the changing demands of customers. Those who don't (or can't) struggle to stay relevant [...]

4 Factors to Help Make a Great Logo

logo design meaningful simple flexible innovative

If someone were to mention Nike or McDonald’s, most people’s minds would immediately picture the iconic swoosh or golden arches. These are two of the most memorable logos around, and even though smaller businesses won’t ever have the same brand recognition as they do, it’s always a great idea to try anyway. Making a great [...]

Spotlight: The Chapel of Saint John the Divine

new website for the Chapel of Saint John the Divine web design by ThirdSide

There are many different kinds of websites out there. Some are simple, some are fancy; some give information, some sell products. You get the idea. While many internet aficionados extol the virtues of building a "community" around your brand or your products or your story, every once in a while we get a project where [...]

The Next Big Thing from WordPress: Gutenberg

wordpress gutenberg type

There’s been chatter within the WordPress developers’ community for the past few months about a major change that’s on the way. It’s called Gutenberg, and its aim--like its namesake--is to revolutionize how we publish content with WordPress. Now, if you’re new to using WordPress, this might not seem like a big deal. Gutenberg claims to [...]

Giving Back: Making A Difference In Your Community

community volunteers

It's no secret that local businesses are an important part of any community. They provide jobs, sponsor local events, and contribute to the fabric of daily life in many different ways. Consumers notice and appreciate this, as seen most directly in initiatives like Small Business Saturday, where shoppers kick off the holiday season by choosing [...]

What Is Sustainable Design, and Does It Matter?

sustainable design

In recent years there has been a huge rise in consciously reducing the amount of waste you create on a daily basis. Whether it’s an increase in recycling or reducing the number of disposable items you use, no step is too small when it comes to creating positive change. While much of this occurs on [...]

Can You REALLY Make Money With Your Website?

make money income stream website

Can you really make money with your website? The short answer is, "Yes!" Just maybe not the way you'd expect. For years, the internet has been abuzz with articles dispensing advice on how to monetize your blog. And it read very much like the "if you build it, they will come" mantra from Field of [...]

6 SEO Tips to Help You Gain Rankings

SEO tips so you can be found

Over the past few years, we have added search engine optimization (SEO) services to the list of services we provide. Like any service, providing SEO is part intuition and part experimentation. Here are some of the top SEO tips we have learned to follow based on our own experiences and lessons learned from others. Keywords [...]