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distracted boyfriend meme

Everyone has favorites: favorite piece of clothing, favorite restaurant, favorite movie or book, even a favorite internet browser. But did you know that your choice in browser might affect how you see the web? The fact remains that every browser has subtle differences among them, which means that you might not be viewing the internet [...]

new logo design for Pinecrest Apartments

As a designer, I become most excited about projects when they involve rebranding an existing business. Not only am I able to create a new look for them, but their brand will become much more recognizable as well. Brands are more than just a logo, they’re the overall identity of that particular company. Rebranding introduces [...]

Project Spotlight: Designing for Growth

Mechanical Hub website is designed for growth

Prior to joining ThirdSide two years ago, my career was in structural engineering and construction management. During that time I was involved with several projects where the Clients predicted that they would outgrow their new building in just a few years, so we incorporated that possibility into the design. Sometimes the structure would need to [...]

Is that website really SSL secure?

example of a site that is ssl secure

For the past year or so, the push toward SSL secure websites has been a huge focus in the web development world. The internet as a whole has been moving to a more secure place. The reasons for this are many and everybody should be rejoicing about it. Nobody likes to think about their information [...]

Serving Your Audience: How Fresh is Your Content?

overstuffed mailboxes

If you’re new to the blogging game, you may be spending your time filling your queue with content, establishing or adjusting your posting schedule, and tracking all that new engagement. But what if your website has been around a while? Is your content still serving you? Is it still relevant to your audience? And if [...]

Websites on your Apple Watch? It’s coming.

Apple Watch will soon support web pages

It was a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment, but this past Monday Apple announced that watchOS 5 will allow people to access websites from their wrists. Kevin Lynch, Apple’s Vice President of technology, dropped this new feature almost as if it were an afterthought, barely earning thirty seconds of the two hour and fifteen [...]

How to Increase Your Productivity: Know Your Mode

productivity from chaos

There are countless methods, books, and applications out there dedicated to helping you improve your productivity. There are list makers, timers, focus helpers, and even games to motivate you to develop good work habits. Just type "productivity" into your preferred application store, and the list goes on seemingly forever. But what really helps? I have [...]

closeup of short Pringles can balance of function and aesthetic

Most people are familiar with the concept of “Form follows function”, but in the design world, that mantra is always being questioned. Everyone wants to stand out from their competitors while still portraying their message clearly and effectively. Focusing too much on function can lead to a dull design, but paying too much attention to [...]

ThirdSide’s Guide to GDPR

ThirdSide's Guide to GDPR

Have you noticed your inbox is even more full than usual lately? And that a lot of those emails are "just checking" to make sure that you still want to hear from this company or that blog or whoever? Thank the European Union and the GDPR. GDPR is short for General Data Protection Regulation, which [...]

Expanding Our Web Design Business in Portland

family business in portland

Those of you who are close followers of ours have probably heard us talking about a new office for our business in Portland, Oregon. We officially opened shop out there in January. While it has been rewarding and fun, it has also been challenging. But business growth often is. When we first started ThirdSide in [...]