Branding Spotlight: McKinley Foundation

It isn’t everyday that I am able to work with clients that I have a previous connection to, but lately it’s been happening more than I expected. When I was in high school, I played drums in a band with my friends. Nearly every weekend I would make my way to the basement of the [...]

Happy Birthday Dear Customer…

email gift

Today is my birthday, and as many others have grown accustomed to doing, I will be going through my email inbox to check what birthday perks await me. After all, I've joined a number of loyalty programs for my favorite stores and restaurants over the years. As you might expect, most of these messages with [...]

The Color of a Brand

Much has been said about the role of color in the design of a brand. At just about any meeting where a client is talking about a new logo or branding concept, you’ll hear statements like, “Red grabs attention,” or, “Blue creates a sense of security.” There’s quite a bit of truth to statements like [...]

Lor-um What, Now?

metal movable type - photo by Willi Heidelbach

It’s inevitable. There will come a time in a design project where you’ll need text to style. Sometimes you have some, and sometimes you don’t. Do you jump out of your creative groove and try to write about your client and whatever they’re doing right that very minute? Heck no! That’s what lorem ipsum text [...]

A Simple Guide for Awesome Website Banner Photography

how to crop for website banner photos

Finding the right photo for a website banner can be a tricky process. The average website banner is around 4 times as wide as it is tall, or 4:1. The picture ratio for most cameras is 4:3. This means that only about ⅓ of the photograph will be visible when it’s used for the banner [...]

Don’t Throw Out the Pens and Paper Just Yet

paper and pen

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am a more-than-avid fan of technology and productivity. I was an early adopter of the digital organizer and later the smartphone. (Remember the Palm Treo? Yeah, I had one.) I was writing macros and developing mini databases back in the 1990's when I first discovered Microsoft Excel [...]

Spotlight: Willard Airport

Part of welcoming newcomers to a community includes inviting tools for getting there. Indeed, one of the first things you see when you walk into the airport is an enormous "Welcome" sign! So when we began a new website design for Willard Airport, we felt like we were not only trying to capture the essence [...]

What’s In A Color?

color palette

A couple of weeks ago, Pantone introduced a new color: Love Symbol #2. It was created by Pantone in conjunction with Prince’s estate in his memory. This specific purple was created so “Prince’s unique purple shade [would] be consistently replicated and maintain the same iconic status as the man himself.” When the news hit, one [...]

Designing Something Versus Making a Statement

make a statement with thank-you gifts

Every day we are all bombarded with countless advertisements, signs, and various other visuals that have been designed to demand our attention and tell us something. As a business, it's obviously important to figure out how to get your message heard. But how can you stand out when you’re in a sea of other businesses [...]

A Trip Down ThirdSide’s Memory Lane

I recently came across an article on listing five ways to attract visitors to your website. As I was reading each item on the list I kept thinking that I had read these ideas before. Well, it turns out that I had. Previous ThirdSide blog posts have touched on each of the concepts presented [...]