Would You Read This?

reading glasses on a laptop

It’s no secret that the internet is filled to overflowing with things to read. Yes, there are cat videos, and memes, and of course lots of shopping. But there are also millions and millions of words floating around out there, just begging for someone to read them. Are people reading yours? Writing this feels just [...]

image of a laptop with coding

For as long as content management systems have existed, there has been this ongoing question of what kind to use. As soon as there was more than one CMS, there was debate about which one was better. These days, there are dozens of choices at your disposal, most of which can be broken down into [...]

logo for Tolono Public Library

Having a strong visual brand is something that can benefit businesses of all sizes and fields. Recently, we worked with the Tolono Public Library to redesign their logo and provide them with a brand that really captures the essence of the library. Every designer has their own unique process to achieve their end result, but [...]

Plays, Efficiency, and Websites


When I was in high school I attended a local production of the play Cheaper by the Dozen. I was there to support my younger brother, who played the oldest of twelve children, but I was immediately captivated by the story of the parents—true-life efficiency experts Frank and Lillian Gilbreth—and their household "laboratory." While I [...]

tube with light

One of the very first useful lessons I learned in business didn’t come from a classroom, but from a sales manager. I was working as a part time salesperson at Radio Shack when a customer came in asking for a specific part. I found the part and sold it to him. He came back an [...]

this guy needs an email list

So your business has been online for a while now. You have a great-looking website, and you're active on two or three popular social media platforms. But you're still not getting the kind of response you're looking for. You may be asking yourself, "What am I doing wrong?" I've said it before, but it bears [...]

Spotlight: Urbana’s Market at the Square

screenshot of recipes page of Urbana Market's website

Talk about fresh! Today's spotlight is on a newly-launched website for Urbana's newly-reopened farmers' market. When Urbana's Market at the Square called us about a new website, we jumped at the chance. At the time, their website was hosted as part of the City of Urbana's website, so it gave plenty of information people wanted. [...]

Applying the Jedi Code to Graphic Design

Luke Skywalker chasing Stormtrooper

Today is May 4th...Star Wars Day for those of us who consider ourselves Star Wars fans. I don’t write many of these blogs, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity when Star Wars Day lined up with ThirdSide Thursday in the blog. It was almost as if it were a convergence in the Force. For [...]

Feeling Insecure?

lock with WordPress logo

Every once in a while, we get a potential client who's a little surprised when we say that we build websites exclusively in WordPress. "But, is it secure?" they'll ask, and they're right to do so. Over the years, there have been a couple of high-profile instances where WordPress security has been compromised. However, it [...]

F8: Doing Business with Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg gives a keynote address the F8 developer conference.

This past week, Facebook held its annual F8 Developers Conference in San Jose, California. While social media is generally seen as a way to interact with friends and family, this year's F8 focused heavily on helping businesses better engage their audiences through better connectivity. Some emerging tools reminded me of things other platforms are doing [...]