Steigmann Law, PC

Steigmann Law, PC is a law practice serving the Champaign, IL area and all of Illinois. Their practice focuses on accidents, wrongful death, malpractice, and negligence. Due to the competitive nature of the legal profession, they knew they needed a top-notch website design.

One of their primary goals was to make sure the site’s contact form would be spam-resistant. They also needed to ensure that site visitors filling out the form would agree to certain disclaimers. We created a custom contact form that can only be submitted once a user fills out the form properly.

Other features of the site include on-site Spanish language translation since Steigmann Law, PC is one of the few law firms in the area that caters to the Spanish-speaking population. Using an interface provided by Google, we were able to integrate Spanish translations without having to resort to expensive custom coding or duplicating content.

Steigmann Law, PC website