What’s going on with ThirdSide and COVID-19?

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(last updated September 15, 2020)

With the current situation regarding COVID-19 constantly evolving, we wanted to take a moment to let you know what is happening with the services we provide for you and what we are doing in our office. We have received quite a few inquiries and have been busy all week keeping sites updated. We figured it was time to communicate to you what has been happening with us.

As part of our commitment to your business and our community, we are not charging for COVID-19-related website work for our clients who have active SEO campaigns or are part of our ongoing website management. This applies to site edits only such as notifications, editing of hours, and related updates. If you have requested COVID-19-related work, please know that you will not be charged for that or have it debited against any banked time.

Is the ThirdSide staff still in the office?

At this time, for the safety of our staff and the community, we have decided to work remotely for the foreseeable future. We are all just as available as we have always been, but since we are away from the office, we are not answering phones. Calls made to our office phone are routed directly to voicemail and checked periodically.

In an effort to remain as available as possible to you, we have enabled a live chat option on our website. Just tap or click the icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. Your client portal is also still active at (Note that the portal does not have live chat capabilities. Live chat is only accessible from our main website.) Even so, in most cases, email remains the most reliable way to connect with us at this time.

What’s happening with my current project?

We are still actively working on website builds, design projects, and site edits. Unless we encounter unexpected disruptions, scheduled work will continue as planned. If you need to get in touch with us, please send us an email or contact us through our website.

Is my managed site still being managed?

Yes. Site hosting, backups, and updates are continuing as they always have. We have been in very close contact with the company that manages our server. We are very confident that your site will remain operational and secure. If we feel this situation will change, we will take appropriate action at that time.

Can I start a new project?

Absolutely! We’re as ready and available as we always have been.

Can we meet face-to-face?

Unfortunately, this is the one area where we have to say no. We can provide you with our cell phone numbers if absolutely necessary. (We do ask that you respect that we will be using personal phones.)

We have options for live online meetings if we need to share visuals or see each other’s faces. Please understand that we might be dressed a little more casually than usual. We’re working from home, after all!

As always, we appreciate your continued support and trust in us. We take our responsibility to your business very seriously. Please stay safe during this challenging time.

Jason, Lisa, Melinda, Pat, & Jen