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BrownWoods MobileOne of the first things we do when we’re contacted by a new client is get to know their business. We want to understand every aspect of what they have to offer. The first step in that process is to take a look at their current website, if one exists.

With BrownWoods & Associates, we could tell at a glance that they were missing out on a huge potential market with a website that was nearly invisible on a mobile device. Websites built on Flash are still a pretty common thing, but when even a navigation menu is Flash-based, that leads to some serious problems. And although the intent was there, BrownWoods’ beautiful work was just not being showcased to its fullest extent.

That big section of blank space in the middle? That’s where the navigation menu and photo gallery used to be. Designed in Flash, these elements are not compatible with mobile browsers and therefore didn’t render at all.

New BrownWoods Mobile

Putting WordPress to work, we designed a brand new site from the ground up, complete with photo galleries, an image slider on the front page, and a menu structure which are all mobile-friendly. More importantly, we gave BrownWoods a site that was much easier for them to update on their own, which they loved!

Visit their new site in action at BrownWoods & Associates.

BrownWoods New Web

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