Giving Back: Unveiling The Land Connection’s New Website

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screenshot of the new website for The Land Connection

As part of the Champaign-Urbana community, we like to take the opportunity to give back. Over the years, we have provided our graphic design and web design services for little to no cost for organizations whose missions we support. Last December, we asked for your input in helping connect us with an organization we could partner with this year. You chose The Land Connection.

The Land Connection is one of the unsung heroes of our community. You may be familiar with them if you have ever visited the Champaign Farmers Market on a Tuesday afternoon, but they do much more than that. They host a number of public events to educate people about the benefits of buying local produce. They showcase local culinary artists in the annual Artisan Cup and Fork. And their website is filled to bursting with tons of resources for local farmers.

Unfortunately, much of their web content was difficult to find due to navigational choices that didn’t expand as the website grew. It’s not uncommon for growing websites to suffer from a phenomenon of simply tacking content into an existing structure rather than revamping the structure entirely in order to accommodate the expanded content. They had also recently updated their logo and branding, and needed to integrate it into their website more fully. And lastly, their classified ads section was not functioning properly and needed to be repaired. This has been one of the more heavily-trafficked areas of their website, so it was a top priority for them!

A Fresh New Look

screenshot of blog post on The Land Connection's new websiteThe finished website not only resolved the issues in their classifieds system, it also gives them greater flexibility and accessibility in managing this important program. The design complements their updated branding, giving it a more cohesive and modern look. Their wealth of content was streamlined and organized into a brand new navigation menu. We even found a treasure trove of recipes and other goodies in their blog! And of course, the website displays beautifully on a variety of screens and devices.

It was such a pleasure working with The Land Connection. And we learned a lot about organic foods and local farming, as well! Check out the finished product at And be on the lookout for your next opportunity to tell us who we should work with next!

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