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The folks at the David S. Palmer Arena in Danville knew that their website was ready for a facelift. They already had a really energetic logo, but there were a lot of little details that weren’t exactly what they wanted, particularly how the site displayed on mobile devices. A solid 70% of their site’s visitors are visiting the site from some type of mobile device, which just wasn’t successfully accomplished on their old site. Simply put, they were losing business, and they knew it.

Palmer Before

We started off with their most pressing need, making it easy for visitors to get information and buy tickets for upcoming events. We put a nice, colorful slider right on the front page, with links to posts about highlighted events. They can even use the same images they already build for their Facebook events, so that saves their staff a lot of time. Big, easy-to-find buttons lead customers right to the reason they’re visiting–to buy tickets!

Next, we cleaned up their event calendar and integrated it with Google Calendar. Events can now be displayed in a calendar grid, in a list, or even in a gallery with featured images–all to serve the main goal, which is to make sure everybody knows when the next big concert or event is happening.


Finally, we reorganized their content so everything is easy to find. For example, did you know you can actually rent out the arena itself? (Hint: we didn’t.) The new navigation menu leaves plenty of room to highlight special programs like the First Gig Rock Camp or ArtWeek, without making it more difficult to figure out where to go if you’re looking for a job–or looking for the show!

Take a look at the new! And be sure to look on your phone or tablet, too. Then get out there on the ice or go see a show! Everything you need to know is right there at your fingertips.

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