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We often compare websites to houses.The layout of a website, the underlying structure of the server and software, and the look and feel of the visual elements all lend themselves very well to that analogy. But when you talk about ongoing maintenance, your website is actually more like a vehicle. It needs to be refueled sometimes, pieces might need to be replaced, or sometimes it just isn’t running as smoothly as you might like.

screenshot of the previous version of AJ's Station's websiteWhen they realized their website needed an overhaul, AJ’s Station called us. Their website was okay — the information that was already there was accurate. Their overall style and branding was still serving them well. And people knew how to find them…except for their newest location, which was not yet present on the website. Most of all, the site just wasn’t running as smoothly as they thought it should. Basically, it was time for a tune-up.

Our new design concept embraced the sleek curves of their logo and carried that through the website. We broke out of the box of their old design and gave the content some more visual flow. Dark and light balance out with a punch of red for excitement. On the practical side, the new design allows for their current coupons to display on each page, along with integrated Google reviews on the more heavily-trafficked pages. We also optimized their text content to be more appealing to search engines, particularly on their Services page. And the design is expandable to accommodate more growth beyond their three current locations.

Perhaps the most significant change is that the crew at AJ’s Station are now able to log into the back of their website — go “under the hood” so to speak — and make content changes as they need to. Of course, since we offer website management services, we’re also ready to jump in and help. Because everybody needs a hand now and then.

Check out AJ’s Station’s sleek new website at

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