Spotlight: Riggs Beer Co.

growlersIn May of last year I received a phone call from a new prospect.

“My brother, our wives, and I are opening a microbrewery and we need a logo. We’ve seen your work and love it. When can we meet?”

From there we embarked on the most unique branding design project we’ve encountered to date. Just a few months earlier our lead designer, Renner Larson, had left ThirdSide to start a new life in Chicago. But the tone of this project seemed perfect for his aesthetic, so we hired him back to work on one more project with us.

kegsThe logo was designed to showcase a “Farm-to-tap” concept. The large “R” was created to be recognizable from a distance, yet simple enough to look great on a growler, glass, or coaster. Our hope is that the visual aesthetic complements their unique flavors.

Take a drive out to the Riggs taproom sometime soon. You’ll know it when you see it.