Why Do You Have a Website?

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Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Why do I have a website?” Have you ever really thought about the answers? Is there even more than one answer? (Probably.)

For us here at ThirdSide, the main answer is pretty obvious: we build websites, so we kind of need one of our own. Duh. It’s like, “Hey, we know what we’re doing—look, here’s the proof!” I mean, you probably wouldn’t buy shoes from someone who didn’t at least wear shoes, right?

But there’s a bit of a larger mission at work here, too. Jason and I both have a pretty lengthy work history involving de-mystifying technology for others. We both know that technology is an amazing tool for communication and creativity, even though the “entry point” can be a little high for some. Especially when you’re just starting out with a great big Light Bulb Idea, the list of steps involved in putting that idea forward can be really overwhelming.

That’s why we talk with new clients in person at the start of any project. More importantly, we listen. The reasons why people need or want websites are as different as the websites themselves. Sure, you might have first started thinking about a website because someone told you it was important. But if you’re really going to take ownership of a website, it has to be one that’s really telling your story. So you’re selling stuff online. Why? What makes it great, something you’re passionate about? Or maybe you have a particular skill or bank of knowledge that you’re trying to share with the world. What inspired you to do that?

Though they’re not asking in so many words, your site visitors ARE asking those questions.

What do you want to tell them?

Meet the Author

Lisa is one of the co-founders of ThirdSide. She is also a published author with a passion for the written word. Telling other people’s stories well is her main goal.

Her idea of relaxing is trying to make sense out of the mysteries of The X Files and LOST. Maybe someday.

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