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An engaging photograph will likely grab your attention, and entice you to read whatever message it’s paired with. However, a lackluster photo can make even the most exciting of subjects appear underwhelming. It’s no wonder that popular brands all have amazing photography, but what does it really take to make a photograph look appealing? With these tips anyone can turn their average snapshots into captivating photos that can help promote your business.

Try a New Angle

Don’t take a photo at your normal standing height — get in there and find a new way to look at your subject! When people don’t have a strong eye for photography usually their aim is to get a photo that’s not too dark or blurry. There is no real aim for anything unique, but simply getting a different angle it can transform the whole feel of the photograph.

flat lay photography example of coffee mug on table

One of the simplest techniques is flat lay photography. The flat lay photography technique is basically taking the photo from directly over the subject. It is best suited for small subjects, but it’s a great option when your environment is less than spectacular. Since the background of the photograph is entirely made up of the surface the object is on, which is usually fairly simple, it becomes perfect for adding text into the negative space of the photo. For best results, try using exclusively natural light when taking flat lay photos. The directional light that comes from windows will create soft shadows and give the photo more depth.

Besides flat lay photography, there are endless ways to achieve a unique perspective. The biggest obstacle is often getting over being self conscious and experimenting with perspective more. If you’re photographing a cupcake, try getting down to its level and close up so it looks more spectacular!

perspective photography of a row of cupcakes

Use Portrait Mode for More Than Portraits

Most smartphones have some sort of portrait mode built into the camera. This mode can be useful for way more than just a standard portrait. Usually portrait mode will add bokeh, or blurring, to the background to help the subject stand out. This can be especially helpful when the background is busy and would be distracting otherwise. Portrait mode will sometimes also aim to reduce skin imperfections through using a subtle blur.

Crop Tighter

When photographing a product, It’s important that at least one photo shows the full subject. But many times smaller details of that subject are much more interesting. For instance, the car photo below is a simple close up shot. But the headlight and grille alone have enough personality draw someone in to learn more. This can be done with nearly anything, and close up shots often also imply a deeper understanding of the product as well. One thing to be aware of though — close up photography is much more reliant on having an interesting composition, so get creative.

close up photography of car headlight and grille

Create a Color Palette

One of the most overlooked aspects of a photograph is the color palette, since that is something that must be planned ahead of time. But when properly utilized it can make a world of difference! Not only will it make the photo more compelling, but the right color palette can actually unify the whole design. This is particularly important if the photo will be used in a design or with text overlayed. This makes your brand seem more intentional and deliberate. And a strong, confident company will always be more appealing than one who doesn’t put forward that same effort.

Next time you go to take photos for your business, or in general, put these tips to use and see what kind of difference it can make! A little extra effort can go a long way in helping create something that’s really eye catching. Just remember to take tons of photos so you have options.

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