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If you’re a small business with a Facebook page, you may have noticed a change to the layout of that page. Facebook began experimenting with a new design in June and has been rolling it out a little bit at a time over the past few weeks. Some accounts see the new design and some don’t.

Click here to see a full-size example.

Here’s a brief rundown of the most obvious changes and what they mean for your page’s visitors.

  1. Your call-to-action buttons are much more visible. This mean that whether you’ve set them up for “Call Now,” “Shop Now,” “Send Email,” or any of the other choices, your visitors aren’t going to have to hunt for the thing you want them to do the most. This move has also split the call to action button away from the Message and Like buttons. Hopefully this will result in fewer “Unlikes” when people are just trying to get in touch.
  2. The main menu has moved away from the clutter and into its own territory. Do you have some awesome pictures, videos you want to show off? Do you want your visitors to be able to find your app more easily? Now this can happen faster.
  3. The profile picture and call-to-action buttons no longer cover up the banner image. As a person who focuses on aesthetics, this is probably my favorite feature. Nothing was more annoying than trying to create a banner image that wouldn’t have important parts hidden. The ugly gradient at the bottom of the banner image is also gone.

    While we’re on the subject of the banner image, I should probably mention that they’ve changed the dimensions (again). The new size is 821×315. This shaves 15 pixels off each side. The previous size was 851×315…the same as a person’s banner image. For most people there won’t be much of a difference, but if your image was tightly designed, you may want to take another look at it to make sure it still looks good to you.

Overall, I believe this is a very positive change. It’s been a long time since Facebook has refreshed business pages and this new, uncluttered look is very refreshing.

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