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We live in a busy world where advertisements are constantly being shoved in our face. It is estimated that the average American is exposed to 4,000-10,000 ads per day, so how do you know if your ads are really being processed by their viewers? The short answer is: you don’t, at least not right away. But the best way to improve your chances is this: keep it simple.

Most people try to be aware of all the advertising around them, and block as much of it out as possible. Keeping your message short and sweet can often trick these people into mentally processing your advertisement even when they didn’t take the time to really look at it. When you start to add more than just a few words into your ads, people must make a conscious decision to read and take in your message. Most of the time this results in the viewer not processing the ad at all. Here’s an example: a billboard with five sentences on it would be overwhelming to read while driving. However, a billboard with five words on it can be understood in just one glance.

People like to feel like they are making their own decisions rather than being pressured into something. When someone is given just enough information to pique their interest, they will often research more about that thing on their own. This can result in a more positive experience for the consumer. The goal is to present your audience with as little information as possible, but in a way that is engaging and memorable.

One obvious benefit to having a shorter message in your ads is the extra room to use larger text. Most advertisements have set sizes for the overall design; when you start adding more and more text it will all have to get smaller and smaller. This will often result in an overcrowded design that lacks the ability to stand out. However, when the message is short, it can then be scaled much larger in size. This along with the addition of adequate white space around the message will result in a much more attention-getting message. Now it just needs to say something captivating!

The world of advertising is here to stay. While more and more people are trying to be heard, it becomes harder to get your message out there. Making sure that message is simple and clear will definitely help reach a larger audience. The challenge is finding the right way to say it. Just remember: less is more.

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Pat has always been enthusiastic about portraying information visually, and aims to do so in unique and clever ways.

In his free time Pat enjoys playing and listening to music. He loves playing guitar and drums, but still hasn’t mastered playing both at once.

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